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Märklin Mobile Vision.

H0 - Article-No. 26001 Märklin Mobile Vision.
Gauge: H0   
  • High-Resolution Video Camera with Low Light Level Effect Amplification.
  • The camera has a transmission range of up to 20 meters / 66 feet even when the train is in a tunnel.
  • The goggles are a new design with a closed field of vision for a real "cinema experience" and a movement sensor to control the camera.
  • The camera has an operating period of over 45 minutes.
  • It is immediately operational.
New: Märklin Mobile Vision. The Adventure World of Model Railroading Right from the Engineer's Cab. With the new Märklin Mobile Vision you can run on your model railroad layout right from the engineer's cab. It's real easy, place the train on the track, put on the goggles, and you're ready to go. A high-resolution miniature video camera built into the cab of a Märklin ICE model films your layout directly from the vantage point of the locomotive engineer and sends the images simultaneously to a new design of video goggles by means of the latest video transmission technology. After just a few moments you are immersed in the beauty of your layout, you see details from a totally new perspective, and you ride along as if you were personally in the engineer's cab of the locomotive. The camera transmits very high resolution images at distances up to 20 meters / 66 feet, even when the train is in a tunnel, with little low light level effects – because in this situation the camera switches to a black and white mode just as the human eye would. This black and white mode generates images even in minimal light conditions that still have a sharp contrast. Another element supporting the reality of the train in operation is the movement sensor built into the video goggles; this controls the camera at the head of the train. A simple movement of the wearer's head to the right or the left causes the camera to turn in that direction also and allows you to see scenery and buildings along the route. The recorded images can be transmitted to more than just the video goggles. They can also be sent digitally to a personal computer by means of an AV cable included with Märklin Mobile Vision. At the computer the images can be cut, processed, and sound can be added. The image received can also be shown on a television with an AV input.

Released in: Fall New Items 2008 - Product programme 2008/2009 - Product programme 2009/2010
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